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ISSUE No. 09 | 2020
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From The President’s Desk


Dear Friends,
We have been getting frequent suggestions from members to set up a new vertical in IBG focused on Films and Entertainment activities (Games, Dramas, Fashion shows, etc.) These sectors have become a major Industry by itself. This is a vast sector, commanding large revenues across the Board. Corporates have entered in a big way since 5 years or so, professionalising it with large investments and management practices. While there are a couple of Industry bodies for films, they do not work on the entire entertainment sector which is now spread wide.

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs created, from top management to workers. The sector needs a professional body to handle their interactions with the government, authorities, within the fraternity, and in general to help them in better planning, HR, Monetary issues, interaction with banks and financiers, etc...

IBG will be able to assist in promotion of films, get special discounts for members, special screenings of new releases , inviting top people of the films , actors, producers, Directors , etc. We will accept memberships also on approval basis post vetting.

The activities will not be limited to Bollywood, it will encompass films of all languages, and even include International Media, Hollywood, UK, Europe, Japan, etc.

As you know by now, IBG has begun linking with many overseas chambers of commerce, so we will do tie ups with Media houses and Chambers in other relevant countries.

This vertical will be headed by Mr. Yusuf Shaikh who works closely with the Industry. Yusuf is an endearing figure of Bollywood with two decades of experience and 100 + films under his belt. Yusuf is one of the biggest go to person for independent film procurers and also produces films under his banner Yen Movies. Since we have few more members connected to the Industry we may even have a committee to coordinate this vertical.

- Business Guru Vikash Mittersain
IBG Founder & President,



GLIMPSES OF activities by IBG


In IBG Membersmeeting over 50 business contacts were exchanged between members. All this, even during a #COVID19 #lockdown2020.



2. IBG PowerGroup Meeting on 12th August

IBGs’ new initiative, #IBG Power Groups is off to a rocking start!.
At #PowerGroups, we organize meetings for all #entrepreneurs who would like to network with people of a specific industry..
This month, our meeting focused on the Area of Media Content - Buying & Selling
Content buying and selling zoom chat will cover opportunities in buying and selling, pitching and trading of films, web series, independent programs, docus, old movies and old songs libraries in the traditional media and new media platforms (such as Netflix, Amazon, Hotstaretc)We witnessed a lot of business being given to IBG members and many referrals were exchanged for those needing specific connections.



3. IBG B2B Meetings with Domestic Chambers

i. B2B Meeting with Southern Gujarat Chamber, Surat



ii. B2B Meeting with Karnatak Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Hubbali




i. Webinar with Samir Karkhanis- CEO Yangpoo Executive Education on 11th August

Topic: If You Are Not Upgrading then You Are Downgrading.




ii. Webinar with Webinar with Shweta Shalini – Spokesperson of BJP on 13th August

Topic: How New Education Policy is New Base for India?




iii. Webinar with Mr. Vikash Mittersain - Hon.Consul of Mali on 18th August

Topic: Business post Covid




iv. Webinar with KunalVijaykar - Author, Foodie, Television Personality on 21st August

Topic: Restaurants & Hospitality during & post Covid




v. FIRESIDE Chat with Aunpam Mittal, Founder & CEO, People Group& Nitish Mittersain, FOUNDER AND MANAGING





vi. Webinar with Mr. Vivek Bhargava - CEO ofDenstu Aegis Performance Group on 1st Sept

Topic: Happiness is a Muscle




vii. Webinar with Mr. Anuj Puri - Chairman & Founder of Ananrock

Topic: Real estate in times of Covid




Mr. Vikash Mittersain as a Speaker on INCREDIBLE INDIANS with Simran Ahuja.

Watch on

With Ms Simran Ahuja, the former Miss India, 2013 and an International Anchor




Mr. Vikash Mittersain, the CMD of Nazara Technologies and the Founder President of India Business Group, conducts Virtual Business Mentoring sessions for one #IBG Member each week. Each mentorship session is over an hour long and is done #online.
  1. Mr. Arvind Tandon, who is the Director of Ark Travels. Arvind is a veteran of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. He introduced Star Cruises to the India market in 1994 as he saw opportunity in the cruising sector at a time when India was a virgin market for cruises.In this video, he talks about how mentoring with Vikash, has helped him look at the current #covid19#lockdown in a new light. It helped him locate opportunities in new markets and sectors. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE VIDEO:
  2. Mr. Hemant Mistry, the Owner and Partner at M Square Construction. Hemant is an#Architect and has 9+ years of experience in Real Estate Development. M. Square Construction is a Turnkey Solution Provider for new Infrastructure projects in Residential & Commercial Buildings. In this video Hemant genuinely appreciated the time that he received from Business Guru - Vikash Mittersain.Hemant can be reached at ; 9820969114
  4. MrVineetRastogi, who is the Founder & Managing Director of Exponential Healthcare, MD of and MD of BIZpaye India. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE VIDEO:
  5. Mr. Ghanshyam Gupta, the Director of G.K. Associates. He is an alumni of the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad and has 28 years of engineering and mangerial experience. He now focuses on coaching HNI and Ultra HNI clients. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW THE VIDEO:



Member’s Corner


Mr. Hemant Mistry
Arch. Hemant Mistry
Owner & Partner - M. Square Construction
CONNECT with Him at / 9820969114

Mr. HEMANT MISTRY Hold Degree of Architecture from Mumbai University. He started working in his company while he was studying his Architecture.He has over all 9+ years of Experience in Real Estate Development.

M. Square Construction Company is Turnkey Solution Provider for new Infrastructure projects in Residential & Commercial Buildings.It is also one-point Solutions for all kinds of Building Repairs and Maintainers from Foundation to terrace. They provide these services all over India from Over 35+ years. They are also empanelled under MCGM.
  1. Secretary / Chairman of SOCIETY and INDUSTRIAL BUILDING
  2. Managing Committee of SCHOOL and COLLEGES
  3. Hotels & Resorts Owners
  4. Bungalows & Farmhouses Owners



Ms. Maushmi Divekar
Founder & Owner - Happiness Stores
DREAM BIG. They have funny ways of coming true"

This has been a central theme in my career of over 25 years where I had the experience of selling and marketing across industries as varied as automotive, finance or insurance where I held respectable positions which meant I lead teams to achieve more than anyone’s expectations. Often the front-runner in all these places, I always had a healthy, competitive approach towards doing the best in what was assigned to me. And it stood its stead by winning me accolades besides oodles of goodwill from clients who went ahead and got me more clients (my clients in most cases were my salesforce!).
Talking of leadership, I realized early on that the only way to be at the top is to have a TEAM. I had mine. Nurtured, supported and encouraged by me, quite a few of my team members are today leaders in their own vocations besides being entrepreneurs of some serious repute.



Mr. Nayan J Rawal
IP – Attorney - NRA Law / 9820188710

He has more than 23 years of experience in the field of Corporate Law and IPRPractice more focused on Patents & Designs, Trademarks and Copyrights and Law IP- Commercialization.Experience in counseling and advising clients regarding creation, protection and commercialization of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Rights-Consultancy and Strategy, Conducting and IP Audit, Valuation of IP, Public Issue Management, Competition Law
In the IP field has prospected more than 800 Trade Mark Applications has prospected more than 50 Patents in the subject of Pharmaceuticals & Medical, Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanical, Protected more than 50 Designs and more than 50 Copyrights.

*Function and Specialization*:
IP Attorney
IP –Strategy
IP – Valuation
Design Thinking in IP



Ms. Rajashri Rajashekhar
Founder - Poornam Foundation &WeTransform HR

On 15th August 2020 was given “National Leadership Award - Innovative Community Leadership” by Confederation of Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise.

What we WeTrasnformHR, We undertake HR Documentation from Policy formation, format creations, Job Descriptions, Strategy Building, compensation architecture, designing performance management, Training Modules design, scorecard to link to the goals and JD, entry to the exit process.
In Poornam Foundation - We do POSH CONSULTING, We build Gender Neutral Leadership, Mindsets and Societies which are free of conflict with high potential & creativity.

Gender Neutral Leadership Program for Girls / Women to embrace the Roles of being a Woman to Entrepreneur and thrive as a Being.Corporate Programs on Gender Neutral Leadership & create Gender Neutral Workplaces of harmony and Dignity, POSH consulting.Youth Program to instil the sense of oneness and empowerment, Youth Gender Counselling (especially for men & boys too to participate in woman empowerment) we have worked a lot with MAH Police, NCC Leadership academy, Rotractors)



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