Film & Media Cell

  • Film & Media Cell

IBG have been getting frequent suggestions from members to set up a new vertical in IBG focused on Films and Entertainment activities (Games, Dramas, Fashion shows, etc.) These sectors have become a major Industry by itself. This is a vast sector, commanding large revenues across the Board. Corporates have entered in a big way since 5 years or so, professionalising it with large investments and management practices. While there are a couple of Industry bodies for films, they do not work on the entire entertainment sector which is now spread wide.

There are hundreds of thousands of jobs created, from top management to workers. The sector needs a professional body to handle their interactions with the government, authorities, within the fraternity, and in general to help them in better planning, HR, Monetary issues, interaction with banks and financiers, etc...

IBG will be able to assist in promotion of films, get special discounts for members, special screenings of new releases , inviting top people of the films , actors, producers, Directors , etc. We will accept memberships also on approval basis post vetting. The activities will not be limited to Bollywood, it will encompass films of all languages, and even include International Media, Hollywood, UK, Europe, Japan, etc.

IBG has begun linking with many overseas chambers of commerce, so we will do tie ups with Media houses and Chambers in other relevant countries.

This vertical will be headed by Mr Yusuf Shaikh who works closely with the Industry. Yusuf is an endearing figure of Bollywood with two decades of experience and 100 + films under his belt. Yusuf is one of the biggest go to person for independent film procurers and also produces films under his banner Yen Movies. Since we have few more members connected to the Industry we may even have a committee to coordinate this vertical.

Committee Members:

  1. Mr. Yusuf Shaikh – Chairman –IBG Film & Media Cell
  2. Mr. Pradeep Dwivedi - CEO of Eros Intl. Media Ltd.
  3. Mr. Sanjay Seksaria – CEO – Media Movers
  4. Mr. Vivek Singhania – Proprietor – Picture Perfect
  5. Ms. Jhelum Ratna – Producer & Director - Colage Communication