President's Message

  • President's Message

We are all so sick and tired of Corona and its effects and destruction across the world and on humanity. Around 6 lac people have perished world over. In India the numbers have become alarming, with around 50k infections daily. Deaths, which used to be in the region of 5000 have in recent weeks have jumper to 35k. Businesses perished around the world. God alone knows how many businesses are in deep trouble or gone under. The real figures will be known around 2 months after corona has receded or abated. Currently most repayment schedules have been deferred, giving temporary relief.

This virus has come after 100+ years, no one anticipated it, leave alone prepare for it .This was the sad part. There is an uptick also. On the business front, I have been speaking to several people I know, and many are saying that though they are going through trouble, they are stable, and seeing some green shoots appear.

Some enquiries have emerged and hopefully will turn into business. Some companies are declaring good results for the last quarter which is a great surprise. Governments are realising there should be balance between virus and economy and opening up.

The great news, if any is that many countries are in the race to produce vaccines, some are into 3rd stage of testing. Of particular mention is the Oxford vaccine which is showing the greatest promise. We should expect real usable mass vaccines to emerge by the turn of the year, Jan or Feb 2021.

I am already hopeful of an end to this scourge that has hit the world and destroyed everything in its path. On the economy front, governments are now pushing hard cash into the people’s hands to boost spending and demand. This will pass up to the production centres as demand increases.

The US has already poured Billions, nay, Trillions of Dollars into the economy, pushing up stock markets around the world. The need of the hour is for the government of India to follow suit. We should make the country awash in liquidity, moving the engine of growth into high gear. I believe Modi government has already such a plan in place, and only waiting for the right time to kick it into motion. We need to push over Rs 100 lac crore to the poor so they can revive their lives and revive the economy and Industry and businesses. I end with this note of hope. All the very best.

Be safe but also be positive