IBG Members meeting with Dr. K H Govindraj, Principal Secretary of Textile on 8th Jan

Subsequent to the meeting had with Mr Govinda Raj, I wish to mention difficulties faced as below by Indian Apparel and Export Industry, and certain immediate measures to be Taken by Govt to Improve the Situation.

1)Indian Finished Fabric Prices are very high compared to the International Market.
2)Duty Drawbacks or Incentives on Exports to be Increased.Immediately.
3)Govt should Put up certain kind of Classes or Tutorials for Increasing the Skills of Machine Operators,Masters who are entering in this Industry or who are already working in this Industry, to meet the demands of International Standards. We have NIFT but they are very Expensive Courses.
4)100% Cotton and Khadi Fabrics Production to be Improved with more Technical Knowhow, also in the Field of Organic Fabrics. as these fabrics are still in Demand in many countries.
5)For Export Orders, Govt should give some kind of Support to the Orders Booked or Some Kind of Safety to be Provided to Exporters.
6)Still Fabric Printing in India is Not as per International Standards, Rotary Machines are very Costly after Paying all Duties in India.Due to which many Big Players are out from Printing Mills.
7)More and More Duty Free Export Zones to be made by Govt to meet and Beat the International Price Factor of Apparels.
8)GST to be taken out from Fabrics,to make it more cheaper.
9)Experienced and Senior Staff from this Industry should be Given Extra Help of Job Placements, incase if they lose their Jobs.
10)Govt Should Implement more and more Buyers Sellers Meet to Encourage Exporters to again come back in this Indusrty.
11)Govt should also Keep Their own Stalls and Spaces should be Reserved at Given to Exporters at Much Concessional Rates, For All International Textiles and Apparels Trade Fairs Specialliy Hong Kong Fair and Magic of Usa.
12)Labour Laws to be made Strickter for Garments and Textiles Units, so That workers cannot go on Strike very easily.

My self having Experience of almost 30yrs with Export Industry, Having Worked as Export Marketing Head with Companies Like Nike India, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hope & Glory,and many more, Last Appointed as Export Head with Creaive Garments.

I am on the Whatsapp Group of almost 1,000 Exporters.