What is the India Business Group "IBG"?

The India Business Group (IBG) is a not-for-profit Membership organization. We aim to have 3000+ Members from all sectors of Business. Our goal is to promote a productive and open business climate within India and between India and rest of the world. The main office is in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

The Membership of the Chamber covers a broad spectrum of industries and products spread across different regions in the country.

What are the objectives of IBG?

IBG's objectives are to promote a productive and open business climate within India and between India and rest of the world. Through the Secretariat and its Expert Committees, it serves as both a forum and a representative body for the Indian companies and professionals and associations with both national and international interests. It allows Indian companies to integrate more effectively into the business communities' world wide. Through strategic partnerships with similar organizations, IBG acts as a nexus for businesses promoting about 50 events annually, including lunches and dinners with top CEOs and government officials, and other networking cocktails, roundtables and technical discussions, business training sessions, and cultural events. In addition, IBG addresses specific Member concerns and interests.

Who can become a Member of IBG?

Membership is open to "all Businesses and Individuals with business interests in good standing interested in the objectives of the Chamber."

How do I become a Member of IBG?

Membership Form is available online which can be downloaded and sent back to us or you can contact IBG office on Phone No. 022-67471646 or meet personally.

What are the benefits available if I become a Member of IBG

Please refer to the 'Members' section on our website.

Can I attend IBG events if I am not an IBG Member?

IBG events may be attended by Members and non-members alike, unless otherwise specified. Please note that the entrance fees for the events are higher for non-members.

Is IBG open to everyone?

Yes, but an appointment is necessary. Should you be interested in meeting with IBG staff personally to discuss Membership, events or business services, please contact us by e-mail at ibg@ibg.org.in

Does IBG have information on tourism, education and visas?

IBG does not provide information directly on tourism, education and visas. However, IBG would channelize and guide you to the number of contacts that IBG has to enable you to approach the right person/company.

Can IBG help me promote my products/services?

Yes. The best way is to become a Member. Contact IBG at ibg@ibg.org.in

How can I advertise my products/services to the IBG Members?

Please refer to the 'Sponsorship & Advertising' section on our website.