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President's Message

We are all so sick and tired of Corona and its effects and destruction across the world and on humanity. Around 6 lac people have perished world over. In India the numbers have become alarming, with around 50k infections daily. Deaths, which used to be in the region of 5000 have in recent weeks have jumper to 35k. Businesses perished around the world. God alone knows how many businesses are in deep trouble or gone under. The real figures will be known around 2 months after corona has receded or abated. Currently most repayment schedules have been deferred, giving temporary relief. Read More

Vikash Mittersain Founder & President,
India Business Group

Upcoming Events

24July, 2024

This meeting is an internal gathering of IBG members. It is an opportunity to discuss organizational matters, share updates, network with other members, and plan future activities. Specific agenda items may include upcoming events, member initiatives, and strategic planning.

25July, 2024

The presence of Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala suggests a focus on high-level corporate strategies and possibly healthcare or pharmaceutical industry topics.

Partnering Events

IBG Success Stories

Mr. Ranjan Periwal
Director - Cityfirst Financial Advisor Private Limited
Would like to express my gratitude to Vikash Sir, CEO Priya Pansare for assisting me in Netherlands Visa Process.
We were stuck as our Visa was not getting processed and reached out to Priya for assistance in the same. The travel date is approaching but VISA status was unknown.
It took less than an Hour that i got the response that the Passport shall be despatched soon to the applicant.
The personnel support that is provided to IBG member is by Vikash sir is really outstanding.
Once again gratitude for assistance.
A Proud IBG member.
- Mr. Ranjan Periwal
Mr. Akshara Damle
Celebrity Psychologist
Expanding my business to Mumbai was a dream that I had even before COVID began in March 2020. But I was not sure about the 'how' part of it. Once the pandemic happened, I had parked my idea because I was not sure whom to get connected with!
That's when Shraddha suggested me about IBG. I took some time to join IBG, but once I joined I could see the power of this platform.
IBG has so many unique things compared to other networking platforms:
1. It has powerful backbone in the form of Mr. Girish and Ms. Siddhi who stand by every member and for their business growth.
2. It is led by extremely successful entrepreneurs Mr. Vikash Mittersen and Ms. Priya Pansare.
3. The members are serious business owners and are very well connected across various sectors.
4. The potboiler events conducted by IBG gives access to many people who are otherwise not easily accessible, like the consulates, ambassadors and so on.
5. IBG looks at not just growing business within India, but also helps in expanding to other countries.
Being a celebrity psychologist, I wanted to get connected with Bollywood and in my recent visit to Mumbai, I could get connected with a few members who are closely connected with top celebrities in Bollywood and have worked in the industry for a very long time. Girish was instrumental in making these meetings happen. They were not just meetings, but I got very good referrals through them. Thanks to IBG.
- Mr. Akshara Damle
Ms. Shraddha Subramanian
Business & Executive Coach
India's first Intuition Expert
Founder & CEO, Sparkling Soul
It is now 2 years I am part of IBG. Vikash Sir's expert mentorship, Priya’ s extraordinary vision & the team's committed efforts for my growth has been of immense support in my journey with IBG.
I feel IBG as a second home where I have been able to connect with so many like-minded growth oriented people. It has been of so much value and I have received a lot of business from IBG.
I am grateful to IBG for showing up for its members and constantly offering support in various ways. Thank you !
- Ms. Shraddha Subramanian

IBG Member Companies